The Cologne WalkiesKing (Der Kölner GassiKönig®)

The values of the WalkiesKing


Punctuality is the WalkiesKing's virtue! You can always count on that

...since 1998

Family connection

Your dogs will always be treated like our own, just like being at home

Paperless office work

There is neither paper waste nor senseless printouts!

Dog liability insurance

is a must!

Security by insurance is our precondition

Official authorization

The Veterinary Office Cologne gave us official permit to run our dog accommodation business

No kennels!

Your dog enjoys its vacation at our home without the use of kennels or dark cellar dungeons

No high volume business

Simply short walking tours with relaxing rests are possible

Expertise since 1998

Then we were the first dog walkers in Cologne!

Daily life at WalkiesKing's

  • our own bitch (deceased)

    Beauty (Bju)

  • on our way

    to the woods

  • at the creek

    in (Walkies)King's forest

  • cookies

    on afternoon tour

  • cookies for all

    once more please

  • photo session

    on walking ground

  • boarding

    somewhat different

  • exercising

    never without cookies

  • Why not?

    what the f***!?

  • Finja


The WalkiesKing's offers

Walking Service

We walk dogs with great passion and most of all, we walk through the near-by forest. Dogs mostly love to play in small packs romping together. Our walking packs are quite mixed and consist of different dog temperaments, breeds and sizes. Each dog is a unique part of the often randomly formed community. WalkiesService is our passion.

Dog Accommodation

Due to our own health problems in the past, we had been out of order for longer periods of time and as a result it was important for us to know that our own dogs were well taken care of. We wanted to make sure that they got every possible care they needed just like at home. As a consequence we are offering you our special family connection as a main part of our Dog Boarding Home. We would never lock any dog away nor would we ban it to a cruel kennel. We'll be accommodating it the same way as it is accustomed to at home.

Cat caring

Although cats are not our main business we enjoy caring for them in their own homes. If you go on vacation or you have to go in the hospital, simply contact us in due time.

Reliability and Family Connection

are our main features. We don't conduct a high volume business, that means your dog is special and will be treated as a family member. 100%!

General experience shows that dog service providers only fulfill
since 1998

Phone 0221 / 9 84 12 16

Who's who at WalkiesKing's

  • Werner and Christoph

    CEO + Marketing

  • Tina

    our 1st bitch 1990-2007

  • Mickey

    our 2nd bitch 1992-2005

  • Beauty

    our 3rd bitch 2004-2017

  • Roxy


  • Roxy


  • Roxy


  • Roxy


Mostly in German: Essentials

The WalkiesKing's - Blog (exclusively in German)

19 Febr, 2019
Hundeverhalten in Feriendomizilen

Hunde sind sehr soziale Wesen, ähnlich wie der Mensch, mit dem Unterschied, dass es beim Hund eine hierarchische Rangfolge im Rudel gibt...

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02 Sept, 2018
Die Rechte des Hundes

Die Rechte des Hundes wurden in zwei CANIS-Workshops unter Mitwirkung von Dr. Erik Zimen erarbeitet...

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08 Jul, 2018
Halsband- und Geschirrsicherheit

In unserer alltäglichen Praxis des Hundeausführens und der Hundebeherbergung erleben wir es immer wieder...

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05 Apr, 2017
Menschenhunde und Hundemenschen

In einem "gewissen" Alter ist es schwer, andere Gleichgesinnte kennenzulernen...

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01 Febr, 2017
Was ist steuerlich absetzbar

Gute Nachrichten für Hundehalter...

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10 Sept, 2016
Anleinpflicht in NRW - konkret

Wie verhält es sich genau mit der Anleinpflicht in NRW?...

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10 Dec, 2015
Alter des Hundes - konkret

Wie alt ist mein Hund wirklich?...

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