The Cologne WalkiesKing (Der Kölner GassiKönig®)

The Values of the WalkiesKing


The Cologne WalkiesKing is always punctual and reliable. Dogs owners have trusted and relied on us since 1998.

Family Bond

Your dogs will always be treated like our own. We will make them feel at home.

Paperless Office Work

There is neither paper waste nor senseless printouts!

Fully Insured

We are fully insured to look after your dogs, keeping them safe and secure.

Veterinary Approved

We hold an official permit awarded by the Veterinary Office of Cologne, to run our dog boarding business.

Kennel free

Your dog will stay with us in our home as part of our family. We do not use kennels.

Personal Service

We keep our walking groups small to give your dog our full attention.

Expertise Since 1998

We were Cologne's first, and only, dog walking service and have experience since 1998.

Daily Life at WalkiesKing's

  • our own bitch (deceased)

    Beauty (Bju)

  • on our way

    to the woods

  • at the creek

    in (Walkies)King's forest

  • cookies

    on afternoon tour

  • cookies for all

    once more please

  • photo session

    on walking ground

  • boarding

    somewhat different

  • exercising

    never without cookies

  • Why not?

    what the f***!?

  • Finja


The WalkiesKing's Services

Dog Walking Service

Our professional dog walking service has been enjoyed by dogs, and their owners, in Cologne since 1998. Dog walking is our passion, we treat every dog we look after as if it were our own. We know dogs love to play in small packs, so we keep our walking groups small with a mixture of different breeds, sizes, and temperaments. We are fortunate to live near a beautiful forest, the Königsforst in the eastern part of Cologne, so our dogs exercise in the most wonderful, natural environment. Take a look at our photo and   video galleries.

Dog Boarding

There have been times in the past where, due to ill health, we have been unable to look after our own dogs. We know how important it is to be reassured that, during such times, your dog will be well taken care of, so we decided to offer dog boarding services. Our approach is very simple, your dog will stay with us in our own home and as part of our family. We love and have time for all dogs in our care and treat them as if they were our own. We do not believe in kennel accommodation or tight, cramped spaces. Your dog will be free to rest, play, and roam safely and comfortably in our home. Please   contact  us to discuss available options and pricing.

Cat Caring

Although cats are not our main business, we enjoy caring for them in their own homes. Cats are more comfortable in their own setting, so if you go on holiday or have to stay away for a few days, please   contact  us to discuss how we can help look after your cat.

Reliability and Family Connection

are our main features. We don't conduct a high volume business, that means your dog is special and will be treated as a family member. 100%!

General experience shows that dog service providers only fulfill
since 1998

Phone 0221 / 9 84 12 16

Who's Who at WalkiesKing's

  • Werner and Christoph

    Marketing + CEO

  • Tina

    our 1st bitch 1990-2007

  • Mickey

    our 2nd bitch 1992-2005

  • Beauty

    our 3rd bitch 2004-2017

  • Roxy 

    our 4th bitch, 2006-2021

  • Roxy

    our 4th bitch, 2006-2021

  • Roxy

    our 4th bitch, 2006-2021

  • Lexi


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