Our Emercency Service


1. What is it about


You are in need, all of a sudden you are hospitalized due to illness or an accident? Perhaps you are no longer conscious or accessible ?

You would like that any third party can immediately find out that your dog waits at home, already at the accident scene or during your hospitalization? Then join us with our Emergency Service Contract.


2. ID card (for inspection click on SOS)


You are receiving an identification card with makes all your data available for the person who is instructed to inform us of your situation:


e.g. your name and address, your dog, its name, its whereabouts (usually at home), our address and telephone number so that we will be able to take care of your dog.


Always carry this card with you, so it can easily be found in the case of an emergency.


3. What we provide


Then we will ensure that your dog is either being brought to us or into the custody of people that we have jointly determined with you in advance. For this purpose, it may be necessary for us to get your house keys. We learn if your dog suffers of allergies and what kind of food and medicine it gets.


For both cases, the basis of our general terms and conditions (AGB) (recent status) are used and made part of this contract ( see Terms and Conditions (AGB) info button).


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