Imprint / Legal Regime

Small company owner

(Source: § 5 TMG (German Tele Media Law)):

Responsible person with regard to contents
§ 55 Abs. 2 RStV

(Rundfunkstaatsvertrag = Interstate Broadcasting Treaty):

Werner Krause

Principal company office

Heerstr. 394a

D-13593 Berlin, FRG


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Neighbourhood of workplace Cologne:

Workplace (password protected)
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We are authorized by the Environment and Consumer Protection Agency (Lebensmittel -wachung) and veterinary services (Veterinary Office Cologne) pursuant to § 11 (1) number 8a of the Animal Protection Act (TschG) in the currently valid version (2014) of the notice of 18 May 2006 (BGBI. Page 1206), which has been amended by Article 1 of the Act of July 4, 2013 (BGBI, p. 2182). This authorization is valid for the professional keeping of dogs within the framework of an animal boarding home.

Supervisory Authority Vet Office Cologne

VAT is not being raised and indicated due to small entrepreneur's status according to § 19 UStG (VAT Act). Neither the VAT-No. for small entrepreneur businesses nor the general tax payer's account number are notifiable.

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